Seminar - Sunday 29th May 2011 - Kilkenny
Positive Living The Science of Happiness
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Welcome to True Blue Therapies 
True Blue Therapies was co-founded by Sharon Murphy, a holistic therapist, and Tony Murphy, a life coach, to provide holistic therapies, coaching and training to help our clients to achieve health, happiness and well being. 

At True Blue Therapies we aim to provide a breathing space in the busy hurly burly of day to day life. A reflexology treatment gives you the opportunity to relax and return to centre, while life coaching allows you to step back and look at things from a new perspective. Either way our goal is to have you walking out the door with a renewed energy and enthusiasm. We also believe in taking the time to learn and teach new skills, learning new ways of looking at the world around us and developing the tools and techniques that will make us happier in our day to day life. After all at the end of the day we are all about Feeling Good. 

We offer one to one sessions and workshops in Life Coaching, Reflexology, Stories the Feet Can Tell, Baby Reflex, Happy Feet (learning to use reflexology techniques with your children), Science of Happiness and more.

Why True Blue Therapies? 
The colour blue symbolises peace, trust, and easy communication. The blue of the sky is said to be the first colour that was created, and inspiration is said to come 'out of the blue'. For us True Blue is about speaking your truth, listening to your inner wisdom, and being true to yourself. It is also about the feeling of peace and contentment, a strong quiet happiness that comes when you are in that authentic space. And last but not least, it is about the wonderful ideas and inspirations that come 'out of the blue' when you create the space to pay attention to them. 

Why footprints in our logo? 
What kind of footprint do you leave on the world? How are you walking through your life? What impact are you having on your world and the people in it? Are your footsteps heavy or slow, or are you skipping with delight? Perhaps a more important question would be What kind of footprint do you want to leave on the world? At True Blue Therapies we can help you to answer that question and to take the steps to feel how you want to feel. We can do this through relaxation, pampering, balancing and helping you to come back to yourself with reflexology, or through refocusing and clarifying your goals and objectives in a life coaching session. Either approach is extremely enjoyable - perhaps that is the most important point of all.


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