What is Life Coaching:
Life Coaching is a simple but powerful process that enables the client to clarify their goals and to begin achieving them. While some clients seek out a coach with a clear objective in mind, many simply want to feel more fulfilled in their lives, and are not clear on how to achieve that. Coaching not only helps the client to achieve that clarity, but also gives them the tools and the confidence required to begin living a happier and more fulfilled life.

How Does it Work:
In a coaching session the relationship between the coach and client is paramount. The process is built on trust, confidentiality and a shared belief in the ability of the client to achieve their objective. Typically a client will come for between four and six meetings, though some may feel they have achieved their objectives after only one or two. All that is required for these meetings is a place in which both the client and coach feel free to talk in comfort and without fear of interruption. Given the confidential nature of the process it is usually better if the meeting is not held in a public place, as fear of being overheard can prevent people from speaking freely and openly. A coaching session takes one hour and costs 75. Special rates are available for students and un-employed.

Benefits Of Life Coaching:
When the coaching process is finished, clients feel clarity of purpose and a sense of direction. They leave with a clear path forward, and with the focus, confidence and skills to progress quickly along that path. Best of all, these results are unique to the individual client, because the coach does not instruct the client but guides and supports them in finding their own answers. This is one of the main principles of coaching.

Principles of Coaching:

  • Solution Focussed
    Coaching is about taking a look at where the client is at in their life, clarifying where the client wants to make changes, and then helping the client identify positive actions they can take to implement those changes. While there may occasionally be issues or situations from the past that pose an obstacle to future progress and therefore need to be addressed, the primary focus is always on enabling the client to move towards a positive future

  • Client Driven 
    The coaching process is about enabling and empowering the client to uncover their own potential and achieve their goals and objectives. The role of the coach is to facilitate that process and provide support and guidance, but it is the client who will identify the changes they desire and implement those changes.

  • Confidential 
    A coaching session is a one-to-one and what goes on in that session is treated as confidential. The only exception to this would be a situation where the coach was concerned that the client could potentially do harm to themselves or to a third party. When you are looking for a hublot replica, you no doubt want to be on trend and also receive a high quality product that will be reliable. The actual custom breitling replica uk for sale tend to be the best options associated with reproduction replica rolex uk on the web. Regardless of whether you are searching for the actual Reproduction cartier replica sale Large Boom you will discover the best hublot replica in the correct cost the following! Clients who're not really replica watches however in some way progress the aftertaste with regard.


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