Baby Reflexology
Baby reflex is a gentle form of reflexology created especially for babies, infants and toddlers from one month to three years. Baby Reflex enhances the natural bond between parent and child, and helps to calm babies and toddlers and improve their sleep patterns.

Sharon is a qualified Baby Reflex Practitioner, and teaches parents the special gentle techniques of Baby Reflex which they can use with their baby. This soothing form of finger-tip and thumb pressure has been specially created for parents to give to their babies and parents can adjust the treatment to suit their own child's needs.

Baby reflex was developed by Jenny Lee, a Chartered Physiotherapist and qualified Reflexologist, following on from 15 years' extensive research into the effects of regular Reflexology on Childhood Asthma. The main effect of relaxation, improved sleep and child/parent bonding, led Jenny onto create Baby Reflex in 2005.

Now in 2010, Mums and Dads in Australia, Abu Dhabi, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Japan, Turkey, UK and Europe, give the fuss- free five minute treatment of baby reflex to ease baby colic, baby reflux and teething and relieve toddler's constipation and coughs and colds.

Parents are taught the techniques either individually or in small groups. The course comprises of 3 sessions, each one approximately an hour long.

If you are interested in finding out about Sharon's next Baby Reflex course, you can contact her on 087 9305591 or click here.


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