Reflexology for Children
Reflexology is a wonderful therapy for children. It is nurturing and soothing, and eases away lots of the trials, tribulations, aches and pains of growing up. It also teaches children about relaxation, which is an essential life skill that they can develop as they grow older.

A session with a young child will be just 30 minutes and most children absolutely love it - there are always children who hate having their feet touched, but even some of those children become converts after a session or two!

Children are brought for a reflexology treatment for many different reasons. Sometimes they come because they are feeling under the weather, haven't been sleeping well, or they need a boost to their immune system after a tummy bug or cold. Reflexology, of course, is very beneficial in the unfortunate event that a child is suffering from a more serious condition.

Reflexology works on both the physical and psychological level, and some children are brought for reflexology treatments because some of their 'sparkle' or 'joie de vivre' has been missing, or perhaps they are under pressure at school. After 2 or 3 sessions of reflexology, their parents often report their son or daughter is back to their old self.

While a reflexology session with a qualified reflexologist is great, a little and often is the best approach with children, and the person best-placed to treat their child is their guardian or parent. Sharon teaches a course for parents who want to learn reflexology techniques to use with their children. Find information on this and other courses and workshops available here


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