Before I went to reflexology I suffered with severe migraine and found it hard to relieve. Since going to reflexology for over a year now it has practically cleared my migraine.
I also find reflexology to be a calming, soothing and relaxing therapy and would strongly recommend anyone to try it.
Sarah Connolly

I have been going to Sharon regularly for about a year, and after each session I feel so much better, less stressed, and just an overall feeling of well being. I have also noticed that my energy level has increased, and I am sleeping a lot better which is wonderful! In the beginning reflexology was a gift, then an indulgent treat which quickly became a 'must' have.
Sharon is very knowledgeable and professional. She is also a compassionate, positive and caring person. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have found her for Reflexology and to have her as a friend also.

My feet were always very sensitive. However, I decided to book into a course of reflexology treatments with Sharon. I was struggling at the time with emotional tension.
I was very surprised how effective the sessions were in helping to bring calm and balance to my emotional state. It helped me to be more aware of what was blocking me from being relaxed and in control. It also facilitated me in letting go of unhelpful emotions.
Sharon is very skilled and intuitive. I felt very comfortable with the whole process.
Jackie Douglas

I have enjoyed the experience of reflexology for over a decade. Initially I attended to improve circulation as I had anemia. I found the benefits of total relaxation and the feeling of well being extended days after the treatment. Sharon Murphy is particularly respectful, intuitive and a brilliant practitioner. The treatment is holistic and as the feet are the area of focus, the rest of the body remains clothed. Of the extensive treatments I have tried over the years, reflexology continues to be the most effective as a means of balancing and overall calm.
Christine Sheehan

Reflexology feels nice. It's the best!
Sarah (9)

Reflexology feels a bit good. I go home and sleep and sleep and sleep. Rosie (8)

I like Reflexology. I feel kind of tired when I'm having it.
John (15)

I like Reflexology because it feels a bit tickly and I like that.
Dylan (10)

I like Reflexology because its very relaxing.
Adam (13)

I like feeling sleepy when you do this Reflexology.
Ciaran (9)

Reflexology feels nice and relaxing.
Clare (15)

Reflexology is nice and gentle and relaxing. Its lovely. It makes me feel good. Shane (13)



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