Happy Feet, Healthy Kids!
Add Reflexology to Your Parenting Toolkit

Learning Outcome :
This practical hands-on course will equip parents with reflexology skills techniques to use with their own children to promote physical and emotional wellbeing and relaxation.

Next Start Date :
Thursday 8th November 2012 - 5 Thursday Evenings

Time :
7.30 to 9.30 pm

Venue :
True Blue Therapies, Lennaght, The Rower, Co. Kilkenny.

Fee : €125

Happy Feet, Healthy Kids is a 5 week course for parents who wish to add Reflexology to their parenting toolkit. It is a practical hands-on course where you will learn specific reflexology techniques to use with your child.

'A little and often' is the best approach when it comes to reflexology for children, and who better to be able to give children this gentle, nurturing form of therapeutic touch regularly than their parents or guardians?

Reflexology helps children to fight off all the common childhood ailments that are part of growing up, and is very beneficial in terms of enhancing the bond and trust that is so vital in the parent/child relationship. This is a practical hands-on course where you will learn specific reflexology techniques to use with your child to help childhood ailments and issues such as:

  • Colds and Flu
  • Sore Throats
  • Coughs and Asthma
  • Tummy Upsets
  • Constipation
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep Problems

Some of the benefits of reflexology for children are:

  • It relaxes the body and the mind, relieving them from the cumulative effects of tension and stress
  • It encourages better quality sleep
  • It helps children to learn to consciously relax
  • It helps to create a feeling of ease
  • It helps to prevent a build-up of impurities and toxins in the body, which can lead to muscle pain, headaches, skin disorders, sinus congestion and tiredness
  • It increases lung capacity and encourages deeper, more regular breathing patterns
  • It boosts the immune system, helping to prevent and fight infections and allergies
  • The body produces 'feel-good' hormones called endorphins. Reflexology promotes the production of these endorphins which reduce pain and boost general well-being
  • It can help to calm aggressive or hyperactive behaviour
  • Reflexology improves physical and mental energy levels, encouraging alertness, concentration and feelings of 'get up and go'
  • Reflexology can help to build trust and intimacy between parent and child. When you give your child reflexology, it can give them a chance to share confidences in a calm, comforting atmosphere where you can look at problems together with a new perspective
  • At times when your bond with your child is strained or when your relationship is difficult, making space to give your child a relaxing reflexology treatment can provide the emotional warmth and security to help bring both your relationship and the child back to balance.

To book your place on this course or for more information phone
Sharon on 087 9305591 or email


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